Madison Young is an award-winning feminist filmmaker, writer, performance artist and sex educator. Her one woman show Reveal All Fear Nothing: A Journey in Sex, Love, Porn and Feminism was featured on Viceland’s television show Slutever, followed by it’s Off-Broadway run at The Tank NYC. Academy Award Nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal called Young’s show “Radical” and “Inspired” while rockstar and television personality, Dave Navarro called it “A Provocative and Brave One Woman Show”.

In 2014, her memoir, Daddy (Rare Bird/Barnacle Books) was published receiving great acclaim from Academy Award Winner, Diablo Cody, who said of the book,”Madison Young goes deep and brings some universal truths to light.” In 2016, Young followed her memoir with the publication of Young’s sequential non-fiction books The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood (Cleis Press), The DIY Porn Handbook:Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution(Greenery Press) and the translation of her memoir into Spanish – Papi (Melusina).

Young’s additional writings include an essay entitled “Authenticity and It’s Role in Feminist Pornography”published in the Routledge Porn Studies Journal, an academic journal released by the University of Sunderland along with numerous essays in anthologies such as Coming Out Like a PornStar, Rad Families: A Celebration, and Subversive Motherhood. Many of Young’s texts are studied in gender studies and feminism courses in colleges and universities and Young’s works are written about in the academic texts, The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure (The Feminist Press at CUNY), Pornography Feminism: As Powerful as She Wants to Be (Richard Moreland/Zero Books) and America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction (Brian Alexander/Broadway Books).

Young was also featured on an episode of HBO’s Real Sex, in which comedian and television personality, Margaret Cho said of Young, “She is downright inspirational. We need her voice now more than ever, and I know that supporting her work means to support the needs of women – women everywhere.”

Additionally Young has been profiled for her expertise in feminism, erotic film and sexuality on Dateline NBC, Bravo TV, Alicia Menendez Tonight on Fusion TV, Canal Plus, New York Times, Savage Love, BBC, Elle Magazine, and Elite Daily. She is also a recurring panelist and speaker at colleges and universities including Yale University, UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, Reed College, University of Toronto, and University of Minnesota on the on the topics of sexuality, feminism, pornography, and motherhood.

Young is a prolific feature writer for Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Romper, Bustle, and Vice. She is also the former artistic director of Femina Potens Art Gallery in San Francisco as well as a regular curator of programming and performance artist at institutions such as SF MOMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Museum of Sex, and Grace Exhibition Space NYC.

Young is the co-host of the popular stigma smashing parenting podcast, Wash Your Mouth Out and the host, writer, director and executive producer of the sex positive docuseries, Submission Possible on Revry.TV.

She is currently working on a documentary that explores embodied birth experiences entitled “Out of the Hospital: Into Our Bodies”  and is editing a collection of essays entitled Becoming MILF: Parents in the Adult Film Industry on Sex, Parenthood, and Stigma which will be released in Spring 2021 on PM Press.