Under the Sea: Madison Young on How Mermaids Orgasm on Land  


I was never really a huge fan of The Little Mermaid.  As a feminist, the idea of trading in my voice for the chance to meet and fall in love with Prince Charming, made my stomach turn.  But there was something about mermaids that was just sexy.  My partner used to say that I was a siren on the rocks in our early courtship. I would woo him from grey Seattle to my cozy studio apartment in San Francisco’s Castro district. He would follow my begging voice that ached for him to be nuzzled up against my body and he would find himself racking up frequent flier miles to be closer to me.

  There was a magic to mermaids, a sexual magnetism, and at the same time a very queer otherness that was appealing to me.  I had often found myself fantasizing about what mermaid sex might be like.  I imagined myself as a dykey sailor and ravaging the feminine body of a green haired mermaid.  She would submerge my body deep into the ocean, tying me down to the ocean rocks and treasure chests while her mouth made her way between my legs and I squealed out in orgasm. 

But on this particular day, I would be experiencing the mind blowing fantasy of mermaid sex on land.  I was directing a feminist porn film exploring mermaid role play in the bed room.  Despite my own mermaid fantasies, I had never had mermaid sex before.  After over a decade working as a feminist porn performer and director there were few totally new sexual experiences that I had yet to explore.  But this was one of them. 

My mind was buzzing as I schlepped my camera and gear up the stairs of the apartment where we were shooting in the inner sunset of San Francisco.  What exactly would mermaid sex look like?  Did I have an inner mermaid just aching to come out and express her sexuality on dry land? 

I handed over my equipment to the film crew and went through the shot list and set up for the scene while we waited for my co-star to arrive.   My co-star – Ela Darling – was a beautiful woman who I was completely enamored with. She was ecstatic at the idea of mermaid role play and informed me that she had not one but two mermaid tails in her wardrobe that she could bring for the scene.  When Ela arrived the house exploded with femme accessories, glitter, shells, and mermaid tails along with lube, vibrators and dildos that sparkled in the San Francisco sunshine. 

After we discussed the scene, Ela and I, made our way to the bedroom where the camera crew was waiting.  The tight mermaid tails with it’s sparkly gill like pattern, fit snuggly around our legs and butt, a shiny stretchy spandex like material that hugged us  like hobble skirts and made it difficult to walk. 

We found our way to a reclined position on the mattress surrounded by gloves, lube, vibrators and dildos that we had intended on using.  I was ready for this scene.  When the videographer called out “Action”, Ella’s lips came in close to mine, slowly, delicately.  She tasted of candy, of sweetness of every teenage fantasy and wet dream that I had ever had.  I was making out with my mermaid fantasy girl! 

Her mouth made it’s way down to my breasts and I wriggled and writhed under her touch, my body melting under her gaze.  My hand reached out for her body and my fingers made my way down her torso under the waist band of her mermaid tail to find her wetness.  I awkwardly straddled her wanting nothing more than to get past these tails.  How do I get to her ass?  How do I get to her cunt?  I want in little mermaid!  Let me in please!

I nuzzled my nose into her mermaid ass and pondered at how mermaids fuck on land?  Where do mermaid genitalia and erogenous zones reside?  This had never been a problem in my fantasies before.  I looked over at the bed side table and saw a knife.  I pulled Ella in close to my body and kissed her long and hard and handed her the knife.

“I want you to fucking gut me like a fish!  Gut me like a fish and fuck me please!  Please!”, I begged.

She smiled and carefully, slowly sliced the mermaid tail at the seam that kept her from my cunt.  The camera came in close grabbing shots of the knife and Ela’s smile.  The film crew danced around our mermaid bodies as we navigated how to pleasure one another with a little bit of frustration, with a little more innovation.

Ela handed me my vibrator and flipped me over onto my chest, my ass in the air, my vibe on my clit and Ela’s soft petite hands filling my very wet cunt as I made my way closer to orgasm.  “ I want to hear you singing my pretty little mermaid.”, Ela whispered with driving intensity.  As I climaxed I sang out “Part of Your World” belting out the Disney mermaid tune as I climaxed harder and harder drowning in my very own mermaid fantasy come true. 

In the end we found ourselves with out our tails. Exhausted and lying in puddles of our own pleasure.  These mermaid’s had sprouted legs and torn out of their old skins.  We had evolved into something new, something sweaty, something animal and at the same time very human.

As we found our way to the shower the warm water was a welcomed and refreshing sensation.  We packed up our things and signed our paper work.  And as the taxi picked me up and toted me back to my Berkeley home on the other side of the bay, I gazed out the window, endorphins still rushing through my body and my camera full of footage to edit, proof that mermaid fantasies do exist. 


Madison Young is an artist, published author of the memoir “Daddy” and “The DIY Porn Handbook:Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution”,as well as an award winning  feminist pornographer of over 44 erotic films.  She is currently touring with her one woman show “Reveal All Fear Nothing : A Journey in Sex, Love, Porn and Feminism” (www.RevealAllFearNothing.com).


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