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For the past 13 years feminist porn has been a source and medium for my artistic expression and exploration of sexual desire as both a performer and director. I travel the world talking about feminist porn. I write essays on feminist pornography, I’ve won 6 feminist porn awards for my directorial work in feminist pornography, I give presentations at Universities on the topic, speak on panels and even teach a workshop on how we can make and document our own sexual culture through pornography.

Still everywhere I go, whenever I mention the two words – feminist and pornography side by side, I see puzzled faces looking in my direction. “Perhaps she meant something else like Feminists Against Pornography?” curious minds ponder. Well, I’m happy to debunk and deconstruct the mythology behind the notion that feminists can’t produce, participate and enjoy pornography. I also hope to dispell the notion that all pornography is degrading or dehumanizing. On the contrary, feminist porn is a celebration of human sexuality and a celebration of pleasure.

Just as we have options regarding the origin and production quality of our food and clothing through our purchasing power, we also have an option to purchase and create pornography that is “free range” and “organic”. Porn that reflects who we are as individuals.  As a customer we have the power to vote with our money. As artists, activists and filmmakers we have the power to create change with our cameras. This is where our stories are told.

The way in which we have sex and celebrate pleasure and intimacy matters and it should be documented as our sexual desire and sexuality is an intricate part of our culture that needs to be preserved and celebrated through art and film.  Our sex and desire is not to be hidden or dictated but is to be embraced in a way that is authentic to us as individuals, as artists, as activists.

So… It’s time to celebrate! Feminism and Pornography CAN co-exist within the same hot, sexy and sex positive film!

Over the years – specifically within the last decade- feminist pornography has garnered great momentum with game changing trail blazing film makers like myself, Tristan Taormino, Shine Louise Houston, Jennifer Lyon Bell, and Erika Lust. And that road was paved for us by ground breaking feminist pornographers and activists such as Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, Nan Kinney, Candidia Royalle, Shar Rednour, Susie Bright of On Our Backs and Jack Strano. I’m so full of gratitude to live in time and place where we can be having such in depth conversations and exploration of sexuality, identity and pleasure.

These women have created a new face of pornography. An alternative. An authentic representation of how, when and who we want to fuck. What it looks like to fuck on our own terms, in our own skin, in our own identity. With in feminist pornography we have found permission to explore our kinks, our vanilla side, our fantasies, our gender expression, and knowing that however we decide to express and live out our sex life in a consenting fashion, that its going to be supported in the safety of the space that these women, these activists, these feminist pornographers are holding for us.

To be one’s self with out apology, with out suppression of our identity, without covering up our queerness with make up or acrylic nails or pushing our femme drag self with glitter and torn fish net stockings. To be one’s self and to be encouraged to be one’s self rather than tolerated for any element of otherness that might shine through in a cookie cutter landscape – that is a priveledge and a space that I’m happy to hold and facilitate for myself and for my performers. It’s a staple in the ethos of feminist porn that celebrates choice.

If you ask each feminist porn director what makes their films feminist you will receive a range of different responses that corresponds with the individuals set of values and the elements of feminism that they resonate with on the deepest level. I think something that you will find as a consistent element across directors is that the role we play with in our filmmaking extends past that of merely a commercially driven producer or director. As feminist pornographers we live the roles of educators, artists, and activists.

For myself, as a director, I define feminist pornography as :

The documentation of authentic sexual pleasure produced upholding sex positive ethics and values.

What are those values and how do you implement them into your production process?

With in my artistry and activism as a feminist pornographer I value qualities such as empowerment through choice which includes honoring and respecting performers as individuals with different modes of expressing their sexual desire. I hold core to my production values use of safer sex practices, education and advocacy of healthy expressions of sexuality, authenticity, the celebration and exploration of pleasure, diversity of bodies, ethnicities, sexual identities, and the advocating of communication with sexual partners around our wants, desires, needs and boundaries.

Below are a list of films in which I have directed with in the feminist porn movement:

1.  Bondage Boob Tube (Madison Young Productions)

2. The Tail of a Bondage Model (Madison Young Productions)

3. Bride of Sin (Madison Young Productions)

4. Undone (Madison Young Productions)

5. Writers and Rock Stars (Madison Young Productions)

6. Perversions of Lesbian Lust 1 (Madison Young Productions)

7. Perversions of Lesbian Lust 2 (Madison Young Productions)

8. Art House Sluts (Madison Young Productions)

9. Sylvia (Madison Young Productions)

10. Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco (Abigail Productions)

11. Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC (Abigail Productions)

12. Layover (Abigail Productions)

13. Frisk Me (Good Releasing)

14. Queer Manor (Good Releasing)

15. Heartland: A Woman’s POV (Good Releasing)

16. Ciao Bella: A Woman’s POV (Good Releasing)

17. Lucky: A Woman’s POV (Good Releasing)

18. Fluid: Women Redefining Sex (Good Releasing)

19. Fluid: Men Redefining Sex (Good Releasing)

20. Pregnant with Desire (Good Releasing)

21.The Thin Line Between Art and Sex (Good Releasing)

22. Lights Out (Gwen Media)

23. 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan (Filly Films)

24. The Many Shades of Juliette March (Filly Films)

25. Mermaids and Unicorns (Filly Films)

26. The Real L Word: San Francisco (Filly Films)

27. Women Reclaiming Sex on Film ( Madison Young Productions)

28. The StarrLust Experience (Madison Young Productions)

29. MILF Shakes (Filly Films)

30. The Real L Word : NYC (Filly Films)

31. Lesbians in the Wild 1 (Filly Films)

32.  Lesbians in the Wild: Rooftops and Rebels (Filly Films)

33. Bibliophile (Filly Films)

34. Lesbian Strap-on Fantasies: Roommates with Benefits (Filly Films)

35. Fast Girls Fixed Gears (Girlfriend Films)

36. Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation (Girlfriends Films)

37. Lesbian Sex Education: Strap-On (Girlfriends Films)

38. Shoe Sex Volume 1 (Madison Young Productions)

39. Shoe Sex Volume 2 (Madison Young Productions)

40. Shoe Sex Volume 3 (Madison Young Productions)

41. The Curse of Mac Beth (Good Releasing)


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