For the past 14 years – since 2001- I’ve stepped in front of the camera baring not only my body, but who I am, what I desire and the development of myself as a sexually empowered kinky queer feminist.   My sexual evolution has been well documented through out the years by fetish photographers, erotic web sites, erotic films and in with in pornography of all kinds (kink, mainstream, alt, magazines, features, gonzo, docu/porn, feminist porn, queer porn, indie porn).  I’ve directed over forty feature films, performed in over one hundred erotic films and over five hundred erotic film, video, and photo shoots.  I have had the great pleasure of shooting with many of my real life sexual partners, dominants, lovers, and best friends.  I have documented my sex life through out my entire twenties and into my thirties on film, not only having sex but speaking about sex, desire, relationships, and intimacy.  My life on film encompasses my journey as a queer punk-ish artist with a lot of piercings still discovering her sexual self to a feminist mama, author, educator, advocating for mothers to embrace their bodies and rediscover their sexual selves.    I think of my pornographic cannon, my years in front of the camera, as a photo album of transformative sexual experiences that have shaped who I am and how I view the world.  Into each scene I bring my politics, my point of view, my expression of authentic sexual self and from each scene my authentic self is further evolved in some way. It is both a source of material for the art that I make and part of a journey that has shaped me as artist and activist.  It is both political and personal.   Documenting authentic orgasms and expression of feminine desire is radical and is a journey I plan to continue for years to come.  Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite films in which I have performed and why the experience of working on that film was significant to me.  Welcome to my Sexography.

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