Written, directed and hosted by feminist porn icon, author and sexual revolutionary,  Madison Young, Submission Possible is a 10 episode, hour long  Revry original docu-series produced by Young’s Empress in Lavender Media production company.

Submission Possible explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM around the world.

The series stars Young as the kinky host of our travel adventures, who has spent the last 20 years as a coniouseur of all things kink.  When Young gets a case of restless wanderlust, she sets off on a mission to explore kink culture and communities in cities around the world.

In the pilot episode of Submission Possible, Young delves deep into sex magic rituals, herbal aphrodisiacs, cemeteries, sexy seances and spectrophilia in the hauntingly sexy city of New Orleans with an eco sexual sex magician (Sura Hertzberg), herbal alchemist (Gypsi Sandiego), kinky witch and tarot reader (Ashton Young), and queer leather title holder (Elyse the Beast).

Each guest shares with Young a different aspect of their sacred, queer kinky emotional journey as Young unfolds another layer of her own sexual self and connects in bold and intimate ways with communities and cultures in cities around the world.

Available now at Revry.TV. 

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